About Earth Team Green   
Earth Team Green, an Ohio based non-profit business venture, was established in 2009 to fill a niche to reach and teach the next generation how to protect and respect the environment and each other. We accomplish this by blending a mix of the environment and entertainment into our products and outreach efforts Our Eco -Thriller Comic Book Series, "Earth Team Green," boasts  eleven issues in print and scripts written for special issues. The school tested movie ready Earth Team  Green Eco-Thriller Comic Books have been introduced to school districts in Ohio, Illinois and Washington DC. The Eco-Thriller Comic Book Team is on track to  publish a series of  graphic novels that will bring to life each of our action heroes.  

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Promotional Campaign For The Sky Princess Eco-Thriller Comic Book

Coordination of  the Sky Princess Casting Call for the movie 

Production of the Sky Princess Movie filmed in the greater Cincinnat area

Imagine - Mother 4 Nature
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