About Earth Team Green   

Earth Team Green, an Ohio based non-profit business venture, was established in 2009 to fill a niche to reach and teach the next generation how to protect and respect the environment and each other. We accomplish this by blending a mix of the environment and entertainment into our products and outreach efforts. 


Divisions of Creativity

Eco - Imagination Works Division 

Our Eco - Imagination Works Division is responsible for creating multimedia initiatives to assist with publicizing our movie, "Earth Team Green Eco-Warriors of the Rainbow." The action driven  Eco-thriller movie will deliver to the public and to the recycling industry "Eco-Heroes for the Environment and Mankind." The Eco-Imagination Works Division's crew of eclectic thinking individuals are also responsible for creating all promotional material to promote the Earth Team Green Brand to include producing music sound tracks, jingles, the design and production of Eco-Fashion Wear,  Eco-Warrior Gear and special events.




Eco -Thriller Comic Book Division                                                                                           

Our Eco -Thriller Comic Book Series, "Earth Team Green," boasts  nine issues in print and scripts written for special issues. The school tested movie ready Earth Team  Green Eco-Thriller Comic Books have been introduced to school districts in Ohio, Illinois and Washington DC. The Eco-Thriller Comic Book Team is on track to  publish a series of  graphic novels that will bring to life each of our action heroes.  















Imagine - Mother 4 Nature
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